£1M Investment

A New Beginning

Since joining the Go2 engineering group in May 2018, NDT Equipment Supplies Ltd has undergone a significant transformation. 


We have moved facilities over doubling in size.  This has allowed room for expansion within all areas of our business.


The company has also received over £1M of investment, further enhancing their already high standard of machining and measurement capability.


Matsuura MX850 Vertical 5-Axis CNC Milling Machine

Capable of handling up to 500kg billet Ø850 x H450 mm in size.  With tool changes taking just 1.1second, and - due to it's 5-axis operation - minimal need to remove the workpiece while operating.  The Matsuura MC850 is the height of both precision, and efficient machining capability.

Haas VF 4SS

"SS" for Super-Speed.  This Vertical Machining Centre operates in 3-axis, but with 31 tools mounted allows productionisation of calibration blocks, significantly improving lead time while maintaining the highest of quality standards. 

Hexagon Global S Coordinate Measuring Machine

Capable of measuring accurately down to a precision of 1.5 microns (a human hair is 75 microns) this Hexagon CMM allows us to efficiently confirm the high levels of precision we're achieving producing our calibration blocks.  Full dimensional reports are provided for all workpieces leaving our premises to assure the highest quality product.